Something special is born from our lands

The winery

The history of the Domanda winery has deep and long roots, from the end of the 19th century: it was then that the head of the family Massimo Domanda, class 1881, already owner of many vineyards in the area of Calosso - a small town of about 1300 inhabitants, not far from Asti - began the production of local Piedmontese wines, starting primarily from Moscato. This is where the Domanda Company was born, with the production of Moscato wine.
Subsequently, it was his son Dino, born in 1919, and later his own heir Mario who, starting from the Seventies, devoted themselves tenaciously to the development of the activity, by extending production to new, typically Piedmontese red wines, with particular attention to respect for the traditions and the biological balances of the territory and gradually introducing also new varieties, ideal for the production of white wines.


Today the company is wisely conducted by the great-grandchildren of the founder, Maurizio and Eleonora Domanda, and it covers about twenty hectares, of which twelve are cultivated in Moscato and the remaining subdivided in different types, with the aim of producing only wines of superior quality.

Despite the introduction of new technologies, which certainly assist in production, the Domanda family remains firmly established to its own traditions, seriously and conscientiously preserving the biological equilibrium of the microclimate of this unique and world heritage area, situated between the Langhe and Monferrato, producing their wines with a modus operandi that is as natural as possible.

The restyling of the Domanda brand

New goals are outlined in the corporate vision: an accurate and elegant restyling of the original logo and corporate image, contribute to give to the Domanda winery a renewed image. This is also thanks to the graphic refresh of the wine labels, whose colors recall, with delicacy, the tones of spontaneous flora, typical of the territories where the family Domanda has its roots. In fact, the labels of wines are printed on a valuable ecological paper, obtained from the processing of agro-industrial waste, in a perspective of responsible sustainability and devoted respect towards their land.

Piedmontese wines

The Domanda winery produces renowned Piedmontese red wines such as: Barbera D'Asti Docg, Dolcetto D'Asti Doc, Grignolino D'Asti Doc, Freisa D'Asti Doc and Nebbiolo d’Alba Doc.

Moreover, an integral part of the line signed by Domanda is the characteristic Calosso Doc: it is a red wine from Piedmont extracted from a vineyard of Gamba di Pernice. Today, unfortunately, this historic grape variety is in danger of extinction and in 2011 it received the designation Doc, taking on the name of the municipality that has the largest production: Calosso, in fact.

Among the Piedmontese white wines, however, the production is oriented in particular on: Langhe Doc Favorita, Piemonte Doc Chardonnay and Piemonte Doc Bianco. It is also essential to produce Moscato D'Asti Docg and the Canelli sub-area; of last entry instead, as new proposal for 2019, the production of Piedmont Doc rosé sparkling wine.